Meet The Team

Since 2023 we’ve been helping businesses develop their presence online.

We work with companies and their owners to develop results-driven and scaleable digital marketing campaigns. We’re here so they can focus on building their business, while we focus on building their presence online.

Andy Doucet

Owner / President
Digital Marketing Specialist

Louis Francois

“Human” Resources
PhD in K9 Human Relations from the University of Dog City

We Believe In Four Core Values.

  • Appreciation
  • Honesty
  • Authenticity
  • Generosity

We created an environment of values that we wanted to live in, and now we want to share the same experience with our clients. It’s hard to find real people in today’s world to do your marketing for you. We believe in personable business.

Let’s put a face to the name.
Bring the handshake back to the deal.