“I can’t create website, I am not tech savvy.”

“There isn’t any time for me to worry about a website for my business.”

“My business is doing well, a website is a waste of money.”

Surprisingly, there are still numerous businesses that are resisting the need to create and/or maintain their website. No matter what excuse you give, having an optimized and appealing website can do wonders for your business. Not having a website is actually costing these businesses money and even time!

The majority of today’s customers depend on the search engines to find the information they are looking for from top restaurant picks to online security providers. No matter what services and products are being offered by your business, your target audience is bound to look it up on the internet. This shows the importance of an SEO optimized website.

This is especially true for local businesses. Promoting your business in Grande Prairie means you must have a website which is optimized with Grande Prairie SEO keywords to help your target audience find you. Aside from having a properly optimized website, the web design also plays a major role in generating traffic.


Here are some of the major reasons your businesses needs a professionally designed and fully optimized website:

Attracting New Customers

Your website design can play a major role in bringing in new customers for your business. If you find a business website with unique and beautiful design, which is fairly easy to navigate and has interesting graphics, won’t you share it with others as compared to a business website which is confusing and boring?

Did you know majority of the consumers make their purchase decisions based on the authenticity and reviews of a business? A professionally designed website looks authentic and enhances the image of the brand. The customers are more likely to look up the business more and buy a product from this website.

Here are four ways in which your website design can improve the image of your brand:

  • Customized to Represent Your Business: An experienced team of web designers will identify the unique features of your brand and highlight them in business’ website design.
  • Free from Glitches and Errors: Nothing like a smoothly running website to represent the authenticity and authority of a brand among visitors. The customers are more likely to stay on your website if they aren’t disturbed by these issues no matter which device and browser they access it through.
  • Loading Time: In this fast paced world, people want to access the information instantly. Your potential customers will opt for another business, if your websites takes time to load.
  • Sharing the Right Message: Your target audience would want to learn more about your business before they make any purchase. Your website is an excellent platform to show them what your brand is about, and how it can help them. You have more control here to earn their trust.

Enhances User Experience

The main goal of search engines is to offer the best and most relevant results to the users. Therefore, majority of the algorithm updates are ensuring the users are directed to the websites that are offering the information the users searched for and also provide the best possible user experience.

Excellent user experience includes technical elements like loading speed and mobile friendliness which play a vital part in the search engine rankings. This indicates that in order to fully optimize your website and provide your visitors with the best user experience, you might need to consult a professional Grande Prairie Web Design team.

Better Results than PPC

While PPC ads appear right before the organic rankings, the majority of the clicks are made on the organic results. This is mostly because majority of the users trust the algorithm of Google more and opt to prefer the organic results than the paid ones.

Users are aware that advertisers are paying for those spots, which is why they go with the results the search engines recommends. This is the reason why, having an optimized website to rank higher on the search engine results is extremely critical for your business.

Easy Measuring and Monitoring

One of the major benefits of SEO is that you have the opportunity to measure all the efforts you are putting in your website. In contrast to the traditional methods which look for correlations between sales and ad campaigns, it is fairly easy to get a better return on the investment you make on SEO.

Tools like Google Analytics make it simple for businesses to keep a track on the conversions, referral sources, traffic, and other such metrics to determine what is working for you. It gives you a more accurate way of evaluating your strategy and identifying which aspects need improvements.

Cost Effectiveness

Your business actually saves money if you get the website design and SEO right. This shows that a professionally designed and optimized website isn’t an unnecessary expense. When creating a strategy to create a website for your business and to ensure its cost effectiveness, it is essential to keep certain things in mind, including:

  • The Longevity of Your Website: opting for an expert website design team to create your website from the start increases the likelihood of a trouble-free website. If any mistakes or glitches arise, the experts you hired will be able to quickly resolve them, saving your time and money. However, when opting to create a website on your own, if the design is poor and the navigation is confusing, you will have to spend more money and time to get the website redone.
  • Bug Free: when a website is poorly built, it results in bugs and errors. There are more chances of the plugins going wrong, compatibility issues, and maintenance issues. This might result in investing more money and time to get them professionally fixed.
  • Having a Single Website: numerous businesses opt for two websites – one for desktop users and one for mobile users. This is clearly a waste of money when you can optimize one website for different devices and browsers easily.

Attracting Qualified Leads

Return results are provided by the search engines to the users actively looking for a specific phrase or term. This is why, to rank high on the search engine results, your website must have sufficient and relevant information for the users looking for it.

Unlike traditional marketing, your business isn’t trying to shove the information on people not interested. Instead, you are providing information to the people who are actively looking for it. This means you don’t have to pay to share your message to them. All you need is a properly optimized website so that when they search the relevant keywords, your website will show up on the first page.

This shows that an SEO website is the most sustainable and effective means of creating a strong online presence. Once those users find your website, you must ensure that your website has an appealing design and easy navigation to keep your target audience interested.

Promotion of Business Locally and Internationally

The best thing about SEO is that you can promote your business to the local target audience in Grande Prairie but also globally with a single website. There isn’t any restriction. Therefore, based on the type of business you are running, you can utilize the keywords accordingly to reach out to your relevant audience.


Once you have attracted your target audience towards your website, you need to make sure that you keep them interested in the content. The search engines not just love unique content but also consider the overall design of your website as well. Therefore, it is important for your website to have all the required factors to get ranked and indexed properly by the search engines.

Incorporating SEO elements within the content to keep generating traffic and ensuring your audience finds the information they are looking for on your website. What exactly are they?

Following are some of the major elements of SEO that all businesses should include in their website for optimal results:

Mobile Friendliness

Majority of people prefer accessing search engines through their smartphones. Why? It is an easy and quick way to lookup things on the go. Google and other search engines give preferences to those websites that are mobile-friendly. Your website will be drowned among countless other websites if it is not optimized for smart phones.

H1 Tags

These tags are the large headers that are used as the content title. These tags should incorporate the right keywords so that the search engines rank your page higher on relevant searches. For instance, for this article, the keywords would be ‘SEO optimized website’ and ‘business’. Ensure that you are incorporating Grande Prairie SEO keywords to target your potential customers in this city.

Regular Updates

You have a great website design and you have incorporated SEO keywords in the content, but you are still not getting enough traffic. Why, you wonder? The biggest reason would be not adding in useful and relevant content regularly. This is another thing search engines give preference to. Just creating a website and optimizing it once isn’t enough. Make sure you are updating it regularly with useful content for the readers.


A backlink is when another relevant website links back to your website. For instance, if a Grande Prairie news station mentions your business on their website and includes the link to a specific web page for their readers to access your website, this is known as a backlink.

The more backlinks you have from authentic and authoritative websites, the more traffic you will generate and the higher you will rank. Getting a backlink from these websites also shows the search engines that you are a credible and trustworthy business.

Informative Content

It is a well-known fact that content is king, but the content must be relevant and informative. Articles loaded with keywords, information which is not related to your business, and other such tactics will only result in your website getting blacklisting

Meta Description

This is the short description which is displayed under the title on the search engine results. It is recommended that you include relevant keywords in this description to ensure your webpage ranks higher by the search engine.


This is the web link which is specific to your business’ website. Including the right keyword in these permalinks can be beneficial for your business ranking. For instance, instead of www.yourbusiness.com/category1, it is better to add the relevant keyword www.yourbusiness.com/ecofriendlytoys. The latter will rank higher when your target audience search for eco-friendly toys.

Optimizing your website can be a complex and challenging process. It needs planning, time and effort to ensure that you are adding in the right keywords, along with informative content which will not only generate traffic on your website but will also keep them interested.

Moreover, a well-designed website is equally important, if not more. The design and layout of your business website is the first thing the visitors will see and within a few seconds will decide whether or not they want to invest more time on your website. The more professional look the website has, easy navigation and readability, the more likely the visitors would want to stay.

Once you successfully have their interest, the content you include in your website will ensure that they go through all of the pages. Moreover, if all your web pages are optimized with the right keywords then your potential customers will be directed towards the relevant page instantly. This will save their time and they are more likely to go to other web pages on your website and contact you.

The design of the website and SEO goes hand in hand; it requires technical knowledge, and expertise to get the website ready to compete with the countless other businesses in the same niche and location. Therefore, if you want to attract potential customers in your locality, you must consult and expert Grande Prairie Web Design team to create an aesthetically pleasing and SEO optimized website.