Content is king!

Wait. Let’s rephrase that.

Attention grabbing content is king!

If you want to keep your target audience on your website and leave them wanting more, then just any content wouldn’t do. You need to provide them content that they find useful, informative, engaging, and entertaining. You have to create good content to keep the audience hooked. This is how you can generate more traffic and even convert leads to customers.

It is harder than it sounds as you have to brainstorm for ideas every month to determine how to deliver your message in the most appealing way possible without losing your brand’s voice or image, while also setting yourself apart from the competitors.

That’s a tall order.

You must be wondering how to create appealing content regularly while also taking into consideration the factors stated above. We did say it would be hard, but not impossible. To make your life easier, we have compiled some effective tips to create attention-grabbing content for your website:

Create Prominent and Engaging Headlines

This is how you reel them in.

The headline you create will break or make the chances of the audience reading that content. People are more likely to click on a blog or article with an interesting headline. It is the first thing your target audience sees and therefore, it is integral that it isn’t confusing or boring for them to skip over simply.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating good headlines:

  • What, when, what, and how
  • Enticing words
  • Numbers
  • Make a promise

Remember, you have a single sentence to summarize the main idea of the entire content. These considerations would help you in forming the perfect headline. Never make a false promise or try to trick the audience into reading your content with a misleading headline. You will lose your credibility.

Keep the Narrative Relatable and Interesting

When creating content, you must keep it interesting and relatable for your target audience. Establish a story around the content that revolves around your brand.

If you are already using story-telling narrative in your brand marketing strategy then tap in to it and create content related to that. Be sure to solve a problem in the content to keep it informative. Remember, the story or narrative you create has to be interactive and relatable for it to work.

Make the Content Scannable

Here’s the truth – even if your content is well written and gives an amazing message, no one would want to read it if it looks boring. The attention span of people has become low and they prefer to take in more information in a short time.

So, one has the time to read large chunks of paragraphs!

  • Break the paragraphs.
  • Be concise.
  • Use elaborate sentences where necessary to keep the flow of the sentence without losing the audience.
  • Use bullet points.
  • Add in sub-headings.
  • Don’t forget the images.

The way your content appears on the page is significant and can encourage the readers to keep reading. Such content also gets shared more on social media since it is fun and easy to read.

Edit and Proofread

Once you are written the content, don’t just post it on your website immediately. Proofread it, check for grammatical mistakes, missing punctuations, unnecessary sentences, and edit it. Here are a few tips:

  • Use the descending order when proofreading – start from the last paragraph and make your way up.
  • Ensure the phrases are relevant and meaningful
  • Check for syntactical mistakes
  • Rectify punctuation placements

Ensure that your content is not just original, but also flows properly.

Aesthetically Pleasing Images and Videos

Adding pictures and videos is another effective way of keeping content engaging and fun. Try using your own pictures or use stock photos where necessary. When it comes to people and products, real pictures make a better impact.

Include a Call to Action

Each of your articles should have a call to action urging the readers to do something.

It is more like ‘give first, ask later’ strategy that works. You provided the readers with useful information then ask them to take action. It could be anything, like sharing the article on social media, encouraging them to buy a service or product.

However, keep in mind that every call to action shouldn’t be about urging them to buy something. The call to action is mostly about telling them what should be done next. This could be:

  • Taking an action that would help them solve their concern
  • Ending it with a thought that they can reflect on
  • Read another informative article
  • Share on social media platforms

Call to action is required in all your content. When you help the readers with what their next steps should be, they are likely to remember you the next time they are experiencing a similar problem.

Provide Excellent User Experience

Your website shouldn’t just have well-written content, with excellent narrative that is thoroughly proofread, but it must also provide outstanding user experience to the users.

Not matter how great content is on your website, how incredible the visuals are, if your website keeps freezing or stalling then the audience will leave your website immediately.

Keep it Simple

The content and design on your website must be simple to avoid cluttering that can only confuse the users. A simple design ensures that the visitors focus more on the content and don’t get distracted by less important things.

Don’t Forget Social Interaction

Lastly, the ideal way of getting more eyes on your content is sharing it on social media. Not just sharing, but interacting with the audience too. Encourage them to share it with others, answer their queries and appreciate their feedback. This will ensure your content gets read more and ultimately the traffic on your website increases.

We are living in an information-saturated world, the consumers are impatient and don’t want to stick around on websites that doesn’t work for them. If your content is too salesy, confusing, or boring, they are bound to move on.

Be sure to keep it simple, yet engaging and ensure you focus on the wants and needs of your target audience. Gradually, your content view and your website traffic will start soaring!