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The view from the top is always better.

Why Use A Professional Web Designer?

Keep users glued to your website with a design from Elevated Web Solutions.

Web design is a critical process as a website needs to grab the user’s attention and keep it on average within 8 seconds. If not, the user might not be interested and “bounce”. A design that allocates icons and symbols in the right place alongside proper font type, size and graphics used will be a successful design. Having an outdated website jeopardizes your business’s reputation.

Learning Your Business

If we’re building your Website, we need to know your business inside and out. We do the research, and the homework, to make sure your Website represents exactly what you do, and how well you do it.

WordPress For Stability, Security & Speed

Almost a third of the internet is built on WordPress.

Knowing that your website is built on the latest and greatest technology is a thing of beauty. The WordPress platform is extremely versatile and widely supported. We build our websites using user-friendly visual builders so that you have the option to update your website at your leisure. Don’t want to update your website yourself, or tinker around? No worries! Every website we build and host, we also manage. Most of our Website Hosting services include Managed WordPress solutions.

Safe and Secure

We run a tight ship when it comes to security. Having the best-in-class security options as well as dynamic daily backups means that your website is at a very low risk to hackers and others that would do harm to your business.

Mobile Responsive Design

This means your website will look the same whether it’s viewed on a desktop computer or an iPhone SE and beyond.

Browsing your website on a 13″ Laptop Screen on Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge? Or perhaps you’re using Firefox on Ubuntu, or Safari on a Mac Pro – your website will look the same across all platforms, including all phones and tablets.

A Focus on Mobile

We put a big focus on making sure your website is optimized for mobile viewing. When it comes to page speed, user interface and user experience, we make sure that your website is easy to navigate in order to get people to contact your business.

Our Website Design Process

Your journey to a new website.


We learn your business. What it is you do, how you do it, and what sets you apart from the crowd.


The process starts with your brand. We tailor the website around your branding.


You get unlimited revisions. We’re confident we can nail your project within the first few swings.


Either we can write it for you, or you can supply us with what you want. We edit it and turn it into marketable material.

Final Review & Revisions

We make 100% certain you’re satisfied and perform any final revisions you may want compelted.


Launching a new website is exciting! We give you great insights on the best methods to make sure your launch goes great.

Hosting & Website Maintenance

We offer fully managed web hosting solutions, a true one-stop shop, with all the bells and whistles. Making sure your website stays up to date, secure, and current is part of our plan for success.

Ranking on Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo

We can get you to the top of Google. Not many people can get you on the front page of Google for high converting keywords – we can.

What Stage Are You At?

Getting a website hasn’t been this easy, ever. You don’t need to slave away learning how to build one yourself. Your time is valuable and better spent doing what you do best. Let us do what we do best and help you stand out from the crowd.

Starting a new Company

Looking to get started in the business world? Having a website takes your business to a new level and makes it real.

Upgrade an existing website

Sometimes you don’t new a new website! Let us consult on how we can improve your current website.

Building a Custom Application

Looking for something a little more advanced than just a regular website? We build Web apps too!

What Does it Cost?

Take 15 minitues to price out your project.

Often times you’ll get a quote for a website that can make your heart skip a beat. At Elevated Web Solutions, we have pricing structures for all budgets or payment plans for those that don’t have the ability to pay in a lump sum. Get in touch with us today to learn about our flexible payment options and great website design packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use pre-built templates?

Up to you! We can develop a site from scratch to be a fully authentic experience that suits your brand, or we can help you save time and money by going with a pre-built, customized template.

Will I have input during the design process?

Input isn’t just requested, but required for the design process. You’ll get your designs back and the ability to revise them as much as you want!

What if I need to change something later?

No problem! We offer user friendly no-code builder interfaces and training on them if you so choose to change your website down the road. We can also do it for you as part of your website hosting plan if you host with us.

What about linking my site to social media?

Piece of cake. We’re experts at making sure social media is an integral part of your user’s experience on your website.

How long does it take to build a new site?

We advertise a turn around time of 20 business days, ranging up to 60 days from the time of payment. This is to ensure you get the best possible website. Nothing’s rushed, everything’s done right the first time.

What Does it Cost?